About brand

Gianni Versace was born in Calabria, one of the poorest regions of Italy. Since childhood, he liked spending time in his mother's tailor salon where he often assisted her with sewing and soon worked his way up to become a well respected tailor. It's said that he was not even ten years old when he designed his first dress. At the age of twenty five, he moved to Milan, where he began designing dresses for well-known companies. In 1976, with the support of his elder brother Santa and sister Donatella, he founded a company with the iconic logo of a jellyfish. What made Versace stand out from his contemporaries was endless imagination and creativity. His designs were always one step ahead. They were beautiful, provocative and unbridled, but above all, contained a huge erotic charge. Gianni Versace died under tragic circumstances outside his luxury villa in Miami.