13. 9. 2021 - 31. 1. 2022
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The Lee Cooper brand was established in London's East End in 1908 as the very first producer of authentic denim in Europe.

From 1908 to the present day, the Lee Cooper brand continues to write the story of new cultural movements, the story of people of the free spirit who bravely pushed the boundaries of thought and culture and thanks to which today we can enjoy freedom of style and cultural diversity as we know it.

We wear our brand with pride, which is why the basic pieces from the new collection for autumn / winter are united by the distinctive Lee Cooper logo: jeans, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, but also T-shirts with short sleeves, in different colors and with different prints.  All this is complemented by several innovations in a sporty, light and multifunctional style.

Our Fall / Winter 2021 collection brings an authentic urban style in British colors, ie navy blue, white and red.


This season's women's collection offers an even more varied and versatile range of styles and colors.

In addition to the classic shades of the Lee Cooper brand - navy blue, white and gray - the richer color palette also contains light pink accents and cold undertones, shades of red wine that fit perfectly for the colder time of the year, sensually red, purple, but also metallic colors.  .
In addition, the women's collection is newly complemented by light and multifunctional pieces in a sporty style, which you will certainly appreciate and will become a popular part of your wardrobe from the very first moment.

The collection of denim trousers offers already established cuts typical of the Lee Cooper brand, ie skinny, straight mom, boyfriend, girlfriend & push-up, which will give you confidence, visually slim your body, underline your curves and help you feel good and confident.


Men's fashion currently professes a relaxed look, which is combined in this collection with the necessary emphasis on the quality of materials and workmanship.
Also in this case, the color palette expands, with the classic shades of the Lee Cooper brand - navy blue, white and gray - enhanced by deep green and bright red on faux leather jackets or casual sweaters.

The individual pieces that make up the men's collection are distinctive enough and are great for a modern and active man.  Here you will find quilted jackets and vests with and without a hood, sweaters made of fine knit or coarse knitwear, simple and plaid denim shirts, as well as classic shirts with long sleeves and a decent print.  There are also cotton T-shirts with various distinctive inscriptions typical of this British brand, as well as cotton jackets with a hood and sweatshirts with contrasting details and zip fastening.

A touch of masculinity and a British view of the world are brought by jackets made of artificial leather, which go perfectly with authentic Lee Cooper jeans!
The Autumn / Winter 2021 collection offers elaborate and refined cuts corresponding to current trends and classic styles: skinny, slim, straight and regular.  Try them in different shades of blue and treat yourself to the unique and unmistakable style of the Lee Cooper brand.

All of these key pieces are available in the Lee Cooper Fall / Winter 2021 collection.

The story of the Lee Cooper brand continues thanks to everyone who wears their favorite Lee Cooper clothes, because it gives them a feeling of freedom and strength to do anything.