Arranging children's parties

Party decor and snacks

Professional animator and POPcorn girl

Top virtual game Dinosaurs VR


Do you want the most fantastic birthday party for your children, crowned by the top virtual game Dinosaurs VR? We will prepare it for you. And the most beautiful thing about it all is that we take care of everything. You will enjoy the sight of your children's glowing eyes and listen to a mix of cheerful laughter. You don't need anything else. Fantasy, right?

Magic, fun and party look

Kids love them! Balloons, confetti, garlands ... The more colorful and crazier, the better. And at our celebration, we will conjure all this up. There will also be giant inflatable numbers for birthday parties and a Happy Birthday garland. We also conjure up a great photo wall party, hats, and squirts.

Fooling allowed

Don't expect boredom with us. We will playfully take care of the entertainment program. Kids will enjoy a fantastic birthday ride. During the whole party, your sweethearts will be entertained by a professional animator together with a POPcorn girl and a party hostess. In the creative workshop, they will be thrilled by creating paper animal masks and coloring books. We will also arrange a photographer, so you can remember the original celebration at any time, hang a frame on the wall with a selection of the most beautiful photos or brag to your grandmothers and grandfathers.

Everything for sweet children's tongues

We prepare snacks for children, which they like the most. Adored pizza will be prepared from Italian restaurant Nel Forno. Cutlets will be delivered by an honest Czech restaurant Popular, and our Mediterranean bistro Dai Marinai will be happy to cook meatballs. It's up to you. Of course, there are also fresh drinks such as kiwi Dino, raspberry, water, or juice. If you wish, we will even arrange a birthday cake, gummy candies, and Dino-shaped chips. And there will also be the famous POPcorn. All this is nicely served at a themed disposable party dishes.

VR dinosaurs, the icing on the cake

The highlight of the celebration will be the multisensory virtual game Dinosaurs VR. This unique expedition to prehistory is intended not only for children but also for you, the parents. Don't miss it and enjoy it together. Nowhere else in the Czech Republic, you will meet Tyrannosaur rex face to face, only with us in POP! You will go 80 million years back in time; you will meet the greatest giants on our planet, you will fly over the prehistoric jungle, and you will refresh yourself at the waterfall and look for the legendary on dinosaurs. The combination of fans and heating intensifies the illusion that you are moving through the prehistoric jungle, and thanks to the vibrating pad, you will feel the shocks of the earth when dinosaurs walk around you.

And suppose that's not enough, on the way home. In that case, you can stop at the very rare original two-meter fossil of the horned dinosaur Triceraptose and, thanks to the application of augmented reality, take a picture with a "living" seven-meter colossus.

Fun for parents as well

Not only children but also parents have a great time with us. While the children are having fun at the party, mothers can go shopping and buy new fashion pieces at the best prices. In the beautiful design environment in Old Prague's style, you will find 80 shops with more than 200 brands. And for a change, dads can visit the largest and most diverse collection of Engine Classic Cars Gallery, which includes more than 200 cars from iconic brands such as Porsche, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. Or you can enjoy a coffee together on our interactive observation deck, and while watching the planes, you can dream and plan where to go on your next holiday with the family.

Extra discount 10%

To make shopping with us even more advantageous, we will add another 10% extra discount on the outlet prices. Do you want to prepare a celebration in POP? Do not hesitate to contact us with your idea by email: .


Do not hesitate to contact us with your idea by email: