Welcome to the chocolate world of Steiner & Kovarik. Our brand was born out of love and passion when it is
in 2011 they met Silvie Steinerová and Petr Kovařík. The union of two hearts, vision and energy happened
The basis is not only the family company Prague Chocolate, which sponsors the brand, but also its philosophy and
overall effect.
It is not above loving care, and we devote that to everything we do; selection of raw materials, creation
design, customer care and especially the production itself.
We believe in honesty, originality, mutual respect and the power of love. We believe in embedded energy
we shape not only the appearance and taste of our products, but also their energetic influence.
We believe that the energy and care we put into everything we do is reflected in
each of our products. As well as the quality of the services we provide to ours
customers. We also believe that the effort and love with which we do everything is reflected not only in the design
and delicious, uplifting tastes of our products, but also in the energy that customers thank
our products.

The Steiner & Kovarik brand is based on the tradition of producing the highest quality chocolate from carefully selected ones
natural ingredients and also made from our uniquely formulated recipes. Ours
the goal is to make you happy with the chocolate we create with an emphasis on authentic taste and design.
Our team of chocolates has perfected the art of combining delicious flavors and thus ensured
that you will be able to enjoy world class chocolate. We have also developed several recipes
from traditional characteristic ingredients,